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I'm Proactive & Hardworking Website Designer & Digital Expert Servicing the Waikato region.

​I deliver the full
Website Starter Package.

I will design your website, optimise everything so you're found on Google (SEO), help write your content - and do your digital marketing to tick all the boxes! It's cliché, but I'm your one stop shop for all things Web & Digital in Cambridge, Waikato!

Get your Digital Ducks in a row with SK Digital

So what services can I provide?

I build stylish websites with logical layouts fit for your purpose. Each website is bespoke for your needs. Whether your a service provider or need an e-commerce shop. SK Digital websites can be integrate with Xero, payment windows and many other 3rd party applications

SEO or search engine optimisation is an essential part of building a website that will be seen - no use having a stunning website that no one can find! Basically a website with good SEO will have all of the essential keywords that potential clients would type into Google to find your product or service.

Fast track your sales with a sprinkle of digital marketing! Digital marketing involves paid advertisements in the places where your potential customers visit. I can set up simple and effective Google and Facebook ads targeted at your businesses audience - so you're seen quicker!

I Provide Digital Expertise & Website Design to Cambridge, Hamilton and the rest of the Waikato.
Feel free to browse through my work and fill in the form below if you are interested in any of my services.

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"Made it incredibly easy"

"Recruiting Shaun's expertise to design and build me a website and online shop was instrumental in allowing me to progress my illustration hobby into a professional enterprise. After a simple initial brief and discussion of ideas, Shaun worked his magic to produce a site that showcased my artwork and made it incredibly easy for customers to contact me and order prints."

Rachel - Gamble Flint Artist

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