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Why SK Digital

Let me introduce myself.

The Tech.

I have a deep understanding of how a businesses are found online and the ways a website can be optimised with SEO & Google integrations. Basically all the nitty gritty backend stuff, I have covered!

The Design.

It's all well and good having a 'technically' efficient website - but it has to look stunning aswell! Unlike most tech guys, I have a extensive experience in design and understand the need for aesthetics to convert visitors

The Edge.

My competitive edge is my background as a competitor. I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist Rower and transfer this Olympic athlete mindset to digital business. I am trustworthy, focused and relentless.

The Recipe:

Website Design

I build stylish websites with logical layouts fit for your purpose. Each website is  built bespoke for your business - whether your a service provider or need an e-commerce shop. SK Digital websites can be integrate with Xero, payment windows and many other 3rd party applications.

Google Ads

Fast track your sales with a sprinkle of digital marketing! Digital marketing involves paid advertisements in the places where your potential customers visit. I specialise in Google advertising which helps your business get in front of customers with buying intent!


SEO or search engine optimisation is an essential part of building a website - there is no use in having a stunning website that no one can find! Basically having a website with SEO best practice, greatly increases the likelihood of your business showing in Google searches.

The Reviews.


The Lastest Work.


Let's Begin.

Fill in this form and I'll get back to you quick with some details and a cost estimate.

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Cambridge Website Designer Helping Businesses all over NZ

Email: Shaun@SKdigital.co.nz 
Phone: 027 437 9929

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