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1 Day

In 24 hours we'll whip up a website
that's hotter then your morning coffee
and online before it's cold.

It's As Simple
As it Sounds

I'm Shaun & I deliver fully locked, loaded & ready-to-rock websites in just a day. Yes I'm a web weapon!

Websites Without the BS.


Remember, we're not just building websites

We're building your business's future. And we're doing it faster than anyone else in the game.

Important FAQs

What do I need to start?

Once you've got in touch, the process is easy!
All we need is:

  • A completed onboarding form

  • Your logo files (if you have them)

  • Some work photos (if you have them)

  • A deposit paid, and day booked for your 1-day website

  • And that's it!

What does it cost?

  • 1 page website $2000 + GST

  • 2-4 page website $3500 + GST

  • 5-10 page website $5000 + GST

  • 10 + pages to be discussed.

This includes the first year's website hosting.
We do require a deposit to secure your spot in our calendar.

Can you really deliver a website in a day?

Absolutely! We're the Usain Bolt of web design. We've got the speed, the stamina, and the gold-medal mindset to get your website across the finish line in just 24 hours. 

We do require you to be organised to complete this task. Just like every batman needs a robin, every web designer needs a client that does their bit!

How do you do it in a day?

We cut through the Bullshit and deliver what you actually need.

We're not your average web design team. We've streamlined our process, honed our skills, and we're fueled by a relentless drive to be the best. We've got the efficiency of an Olympic rower and the precision of a Swiss watch. So yes, we really can do in a day what others take months to achieve!

Also, we're just incredibly well organised! 

Am I going to sacrifice quality for speed?

Not on our watch! We're all about delivering top-notch quality at lightning speed. We've got over 50 5-star Google reviews to prove it.

We don't cut corners, we just cut to the chase.

Is content writing included?

You bet ya! We've written over 40 websites and understand the words that resonate.

All we need is some info on your business, and we'll string together some word wizardry you'll be proud of.

And if we don't know much about your industry, we'll research it before we begin!

What if I don't have a logo or photos?

No worries! We'll whip up a simple logo for you and source some 'non-cringy' stock images to fill the gaps.

(oh, and yes, 90% of stock images are very 'American' but we're masters at finding the 10% that aren't!)

Will it be a 'real' website?

100%! This isn't some templated crap! We're not in the cookie-cutter business. As a wise man once said:
'Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing!'

Your website will be fully functional, SEO-optimized, and ready to make a splash in the digital world. It's not just a 'real' website, it's a really awesome website!

Will this website be findable on Google?

You bet! We're not just web designers, we're SEO wizards. We'll set up your website with all the SEO basics, from metadata writing and keyword research to Google Analytics setup and sitemap submission.

We'll make sure your website isn't just on the web, it's on the map!

We can also offer Google Business and Google Ads support to help really boost your business.

Can I update my own website?

Of course! We believe in empowering our clients. Once we've built your website, we'll hand over the reins to you. Need to make updates? No problem. Want to add new content? Go for it.

We're always here if you need support, but we'll make sure you have the tools to take charge of your online presence.


Let's Begin!

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