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Get your website humming with the Google integrations that make a real difference.
Having your site integrated with all of the essential Google products instantly gives your business an advantage. Have a read about the Google products below and why they are so important to not only your businesses SEO, but also your marketing strategy and data collection.

What's included:

Google My Business Setup, Optimisation & Access
Google My Business Setup, Optimisation & Access

Google My Business (GMB):
Google My Business is the little window that appears on the right when you search for a business/service in Google. It tells the customer important details about the business such as their physical address, phone number, website, and opening hours. It's also where you can leave and read testimonials and reviews. Having an optimised Google My Business account can help legitimise your business from the customer's point of view. It also has significant impact on your search ranking! A Google My Business is a must have for any business!

SEO Review on Website
SEO Review on Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Keyword List:
This isn't really a Google product but it plays a vital part in holding all of the pieces together! SEO is basically the words you use to play Google's game! SEO involves asking your self the question - what do you want to be found for? The answer to this will often help you discover important and popular keywords that will be used in ALL areas of your digital presence. Good SEO tells Google exactly what your business does and where it does it. This message is rhymed across all platforms and will help improve your organic and paid search result rankings as well as your brand consistency.

Google Analytics Setup & Access
Google Analytics Setup & Access

Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is the go to integration that helps you identify the ways website visitors interact with your website - reading between the lines with Google Analytics can help business owners gain insight on who your customers are. We can learn many interesting insights including which devices your website is viewed on the most, peak traffic times of day, how visitors found your website in the first place and much more! Insights gathered from Google Analytics play a vital role in informing and directing marketing strategy.

Google Search Console Setup & Access
Google Search Console Setup & Access

Google Search Console (GSC):
Google Search Console is the final feather in the cap when it comes to rounding off the most useful Google integrations. Within Google Search Console you can submit a 'sitemap' which allows Google bots to crawl your website to help find all of your website pages and index/categorise more effectively. Also, Google Search Console tracks the search queries that your website has appeared for. This gives insight into how customers are searching for you and what words they use. This info can be used to inform Google Ads and SEO strategy.

Google Ads

Google Ads Setup and Ongoing Maintenance
Google Ads Setup and Ongoing Maintenance

Google Ads:
Google Ads allows you to target your potential clients with ads that appear for certain search queries in Google. Google Ads will often appear above organic search results meaning your business will be seen first, and often clicked on first! Through clever ad placement and setup, we can determine which segments of your audience are more likely to make a purchase or give your business a call and use this data to focus your businesses marketing strategy. Google Ads are extremely powerful and can garner near instant results!

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