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Is website design is important?

Create a first impression with your website design

There is a constant debate between SEO experts and Website Design experts as to which of the 2 disciplines is most important for digital business - and the answer is, THEY ARE BOTH EQUALLY IMPORTANT!

We humans have a very short attention spans and focus - we often form first impressions instantly and let the first impression guide decisions. If your website sets a good first impression, then great! You'll have a positive experience and a new customer in all likely hood. But if you website sets a bad first impression then it's difficult to overcome and your potential customer may slip away.

Let your website be an extension of yourself and the quality of the goods/services you and your business delivers. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, deliver important info and express the value added all within the first few seconds a potential customer views it.

So spend time thinking about what you want your first impression to be, and remember that your online presence is just as important as your physical as we now live in a digital age!

Here are a few points to remember when designing the look of your website:

  • Make it easy to read - choose text colours that stand out on the page.
  • Use good imagery/videos - good imagery can tell amazing stories and people can tell which image is a stock photo! Get high quality, real photos for your website.
  • Call to action - when you have communicated your businesses value, make sure there is a contact button or a way for the customer to purchase!
  • Optimise for different devises - view your website on a laptop, mobile and a tablet - make sure it's optimised for every screen a customer might view it on. If you connect your website to Google Analytics you'll be able to see what your customers view your website on and can make design decisions based on this data
  • And my final tip - get someone to help! I've seen many big businesses try and build websites in house and often they end up messy. Getting an outside opinion from someone who is objective can help cater your website to your customers.

There are many more things that go into making a website that converts visitors into paying customers - but hopefully these are a good starting point! And as always, if you have any questions or need some help, feel free to reach out!


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